when i was a young warthog (rinnakins) wrote,
when i was a young warthog

HI THIS IS MOOT AND I'M UPDATING RINNA'S LJ guys she's so fucking prim and proper and polite like holy shit she'd be the perfect girl to bring home to the folks LOL SHE'S JUST STANDING IN MY ROOM LOOKING AT THE WINDOW i feel - what the hell she's standing like a soldier in front of a higher ranking officer WHAT HAVE I DONE I'VE TRANSFORMED HER INTO A STATUE

but i took her to get donuts at ass o'clock in the fucking morning because i jumped on top of her to get her up because i'm annoying YEAAAAAAAAAAAH whoops but um um now we're going to dress up and go into the city and later we're going to get cakes and pastries -3- GOD I JUST LOVE FOOD NOM NOM NOM and smooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookes it's so easy to keysmash on this computer fdjskajlkldskafjiorejl;fjoeaikf;lwsfeoijr whee

she also wears a TON OF KNEE SOCKS what the hell so many knee socks and right now she's wearing a u2 shirt d'awww rinna's such a fag for u2. lmfao but we're like. we talk in tangents about RP and fandom and shit and somehow we always end up speaking for badou and mello and talking out their arguments WOW WE'RE NERDS but it's fantastic oh god so fantastic

alright i feel bad because she's just sitting here while i update her livejournal on her computer so for now i'm signin' off. later i will try to post the surreptitious picture of her sleeping that i took earlier this morning >:3
Tags: aslskfjsalfj, fangirl fangirl fangirl, get out of here, lalala, livejournal hijack, shut up i love the tags, things are good, yaaay life
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