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knock knock knock

because of the loss of gravity.

when i was a young warthog
24 September 1992

fanworks? what up, rinbins
CAPSLOCK, /cm/, absolute territory, acute social withdrawal, adorkable, afghanis-tan, agoraphobia, air conditioning, airi suzuki, alice and the pirates, alois trancy, alois' god tier thunder-thighs, america/england, androgyny, anger, atelier boz, autour de lucie, axis powers hetalia, black peace now, blue eyes, boys with nice hands, buono!, camoflauge print, candy, cats, chie/yukiko, cigarettes, city of thieves, classical music, combat boots, crack pairings, cute things, delicious cake, delicious flat chest, dogs: bullets and carnage, drabbles, eden of the east, f(x), fanfiction, fiction, flashbacks, france, french, ftw, generalized anxiety disorder, getting off-topic, girls with nice hips, girls with red hair, going barefoot, gunslinger girl, hanabusa-san, hands, hawkeye/radar, hetalia, hikikomori, hre/chibitalia, icons, inasa, just as planned, kaki king, kanji/naoto, katekyo hitman reborn!, keikaku doori, knee-high socks, kodona, kouichi/raimei, kouichi/shijima, kowai yo neee, liechtenstein/latvia, logic, lolita, m*a*s*h, men's dress-shirts, mice, miharu/yoite, miho matsuda, milky ange, moe, moeee, mudkipz, nabari no ou, nabari no woe, naoto shirogane, near, no attention span, one ok rock, panic disorder, persona 4, pettanko, phobias, post traumatic stress disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, pretty girls, psychology, putumayo, radar o'reilly, raikou/gau, rambling, rifles, rumble fish, running away with su-san, s.e. hinton, samurai champloo, sayonara zetsubou sensei, school food punishment, sealand/latvia, snow, social phobia, sodapop, soul eater, sounds, strings, sugary things, sweden/finland, switzerland/liechtenstein, taking-the-lads-out-for-a-hike, terrified of everything, that's what she said, the legend of zelda, the ocean, the outsiders, the patriot, thigh-high socks, thin wrists, three kings, ties, toradora!, tsundere, tsuuuu, u2, ust, violins, vodka and cranberry juice, war movies, we've-entered-an-endless-recursion-of-time, weird dreams, welcome to the nhk, writing, yandere, yu-gi-oh: the abridged series, zettai ryouiki